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The 3 secrets that made my relationships stable and healthy. 

Meditation based Online courses

Meditation,Yoga and coaching online course.

(3 month 50 h.)

Are you feeling weak and unmotivated in life?

Are you stuck in negativity.

Are you seeking for power,clarity and stability?

Here you have the oportunity to live your powerfull life beyond your limiting beliefs, beyond feelings, beyond emotions.

Meditation, yoga and coaching online teacher training combined with presential training. (100h 6 month)

You feel that you have a message to share but you dont know how?

Do you feel that you have something to express in this life but it is not comming out as you wish?

Is your life not flowing and everything seems to have be meaningless?

Running out of methods that really work for you live and share your unique powerfull life?

Meditation based Teacher trainings

Profesorado de meditación y tantra yoga en Goa,India. (21 dias 200h)


  • Aprende masaje tántrico
  • Técnicas de meditación y tantra yoga
  • Combinación de técnicas y coaching verbal
  • Certificado internacional y business coaching
  • Desayunos, comidas, cenas y snacks durante el curso
  • Asesoría de profesores cualificados
  • Excursiones a playas y cenotes
  • 28 noches de alojamiento





Massage, Yoga and Meditation teacher training in Malaga Spain. (12 days 100h)

  • 90 min learn muscle relieving massage daily
  • 90 min learn relaxing massage daily
  • Yoga classes 90 min daily
  • Meditation sessions 60 min daily
  • Yoga therapy clases 30 min daily
  • Verbal coaching 30-60 min daily
  • Learn two types of massages
  • 11 nights accommodation

Meditation based Retreats

7 días meditación instintiva, yoga y coaching en Málaga, Andalucía, España.

  • Tantra yoga,ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, yoga tacto y nidra yoga,
  • Life y sex coaching prensencial y online.
  • Meditaciónes instintivas poderosas y transformadoras individuales y colectivas.
  • 6 noches de alojamiento

7 días de masaje tantra, sex coaching, yoga y meditación profesional en Malaga España.

  • Meditación usando respiración
  • Visualización guiada profesional
  • Sesiones de tantra únicas profundas y reales
  • Coaching para asistirte en tu proceso de transformación
  • Clases de yoga fluidas y profundas
  • 6 noches de alojamiento

7 days of yoga, meditation and coaching in Malaga,spain

  • Meditations based on instinct and mind-sets
  • Meditative fitness meditation based on fitness
  • Ashtanga yoga and Hatha with different breathing exercises
  • Tantra yoga and touch Yoga.
  • Verbal coaching 30-60 min scientific and spiritual
  • 6 nights accommodation

4 days Retreat combined meditation,yoga tantra and fasting in Rishikesh and Goa India.

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Meditation sessions
  • Tantra Yoga sessions
  • Breathing techniques
  • Three nights accommodation






2 Días retiro de fin de semana: combinación de meditación, yoga y tantra en Miami and Florida USA.

Descubre tu poderosa vida con meditacion.

Vive tu poderosa vida con yoga.

Comparte tu poderosa vida con tantra

Caminata por la playas y la ciudad.2 noches de alojamiento

Fechas: pronto disponibles.

2 días / 2 noches de fin de semana de yoga Tantra y meditación en Malaga, España.


  • Disfruta de un cuerpo saludable con yoga
  • Descubre quien eres de verdad con meditación
  • Aprende a celebrar tu vida con los demás con tantra
  • Paseos por montaña ríos pantanos
  • Almuerzo y cenas vegetarianas
  • 2 noches de alojamiento


"Meditation based" COACH

Liam du Toit

Liam is a meditation based instructor.
He travels the world offering people amazing meditation techniques for living life skillfully.
Liam is full of passion and focus in his serious instructions and teachings.

He offers a unique and proven approach to instructing meditation and in living a skillfull life, as he grew up in a house where both his parents have been Meditation instructors.
Liam believes that there is much more to life than the limitations of what we create through thinking.
You are invited to come and experience his passion for being alive in his instructions and teachings.

          +34 608 869 842

Calle Los Vicentes

Ronda Malaga Spain

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